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We Collect Data About You that You Probably Don't Care if We Know

Naturally, we will keep records of the name and email address you provide us if you sign up for our mailing list. And, of course, if you should order DVDs from our site, we will retain basic information about you such as your shipping and email addresses. We also may soak up non-personally identifying information when you visit our site such as the type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox), the type of operating system you are using, (e.g. Windows or Mac) and the domain name of your ISP (e.g. Comcast, AOL). We will not pass on any of the above information to third parties. However, should you click on a link on our site that takes you to a third party, please read their Privacy Policy regarding their use of any personal information you submit to them as it may be different from ours!


Most of our web pages do make use of cookies, but this is really for the benefit of users. Cookies are text files placed in your computer's browser to store your preferences and provide records of what links you've previously visited on ShopJav. Cookies cannot directly inform us of your e-mail address or any other personally identifying information. ShopJav makes use of cookies to better comprehend visitor patterns, thus, enabling us to improve the content and features on the site.


We do our utmost to ensure that proper electronic and managerial safeguards are in place to help maintain the security of all information shown on and sent to our site.

The charge on your credit card bill will appear as “SHOPJ” on your credit card statement

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